Student Responsibilities

  • Review the Portsmouth Public Schools (PPS) Code of Conduct thoroughly.
  • Conform to all principles, practices, rules, and procedures outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook.
  • Report promptly and regularly to all assigned classes and study locations.
  • Provide written excuse to first block teacher for any absence.
  • Students are not permitted to carry to class personal balloons, flowers, large bouquets, or other items that may cause distractions.
  • Perform academically to the BEST of your ability.
  • Be courteous, cooperative, receptive, and respectful to all administrators, teachers, staff, and peers.
  • Maintain acceptable classroom behavior.
  • Refrain from damaging, defacing, or littering school property.
  • Bring only school-related and/or required materials inside the school building. (No radios, CD players, iPods. Etc.)
  • Maintain an appropriate personal appearance - (dress code, personal hygiene, etc.)
  • Keep parents or guardians informed of school activities and reports.
  • Review the Guidelines for Homework and follow policies for appropriate behavior.

Cell Phones and Electronics are NOT â€‹allowed at New Directions